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The world-class expertise, facilities and services within our research infrastructure can help researchers develop and deliver their research

As well as our direct funding for research, the NIHR invests significantly in people, centres of excellence, collaborations, services and facilities to support health and care research in England. Collectively these form the NIHR infrastructure.

Our research infrastructure plays a crucial role in underpinning research funded by the NIHR and by our partners from charities, the research councils and the life sciences industry. Each part of our infrastructure has a specific scope or strategic priority, but are open to engagement and early advice.

I want help developing my research idea

Collaborate with our experts

You can engage and collaborate with experts in our research infrastructure, to develop and create opportunities for your own research. Our researchers have expertise in experimental medicine, early-phase translational research, medtech, in vitro diagnostics, patient safety, and implementation research.

Find out about our expertise in your areas of interest.

Access our methodology advice

We offer methodology advice to help you develop your research idea in applied health, public health, social care, medtech or in vitro diagnostics.

Find out about the methodology advice we offer.

Develop your career with industry opportunities

The NIHR has career development opportunities for researchers to establish partnerships with the life sciences industry and small and medium-sized enterprises. These collaborations help to deliver research outputs quickly and push the boundaries of health and care research.

Find out about career development opportunities with industry

I want help delivering my research

Deliver your early-phase research

We fund dedicated and purpose built facilities in the country’s leading NHS hospitals and universities where you can deliver your early-phase clinical and experimental medicine studies. We also co-fund a network of expertise and delivery support for experimental cancer medicine research.

Find out about our facilities and services for early-phase research.

Deliver your clinical study in the NHS or wider healthcare setting

We can help you to set-up and deliver your study in the NHS, or in a wider healthcare settings such as public health or social care. We can provide expert advice and support on feasibility, study set-up, delivery and performance monitoring of your clinical research.

Find out how we can help you deliver your research.

I want help with data, patient cohorts or samples for my research

We fund a number of initiatives to help researchers access or analyse health data, identify participants for research, and analyse and store your research samples.  

Find out about our services for data, patient cohorts and samples.

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