Our annual reports

NIHR performance

Our annual reports detail NIHR’s activities and achievements during each financial year. 

In our latest annual report you can read how NIHR responded to the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to fund and support world-class and ground-breaking research.  Find out more in our news article announcing the launch of the annual report.

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Funding, supporting and delivering high-quality research

We awarded over £108 million of funding to COVID-19 research, including the studies funded by the Vaccines Task Force and  £373 million of new funding through our research programmes in 2020/2021. 

Investing in world-class infrastructure and a skilled delivery workforce

We launched five new national Patient Recruitment Centres in England to enable more late phase commercial clinical research to be delivered within the NHS. 

Partnering with patients, service users, carers and communities

Over 1.79 visits to Be Part of Research and over 1 million participants recruited into COVID-19 research.  

Attracting, training and supporting the best researchers

Four new NIHR incubators were formed; Clinical Education, Advanced Surgical Technology, Mental Health and Methodology, to support and advocate networking, training and career development support in areas that need a community-driven approach to increase academic research capacity. 

Collaborating with other public funders, charities and industry

In April 2020, the NIHR, NHS England and NHS Improvement jointly designated eight Academic Health Science Centres in England, designed to harness the strategic alignment between top universities and NHS organisations.

Funding global health research and training in low and middle income countries

By continuing to build partnerships and collaborations in the UK and around the world, NIHR funds and supports a variety of global health research projects across more than 50 low and middle income countries. 

The report also supplies financial data on our funding for the year.

If you require the report in a different format, please contact us.